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“I’ve put up with sciatic pain in my left leg for 20+ years. The pain worsened after falling on ice last winter. Some days walking our Malamute was a challenge. I tried chiropractic, stretching, massage, hot baths, pain relief patches, etc. Nothing worked. A hip specialist x-rayed my hip, leg and lower back. He recommended physical therapy. The therapist set up a number of strength and stretch exercises. These helped for a short time but the pain soon returned. I desperately wanted long-lasting relief, even wondering about surgery.
My wife suggested Pilates Aligned. Instructors there, familiar with piriformis pain, said they could help. With the very first session, I felt amazingly better. After the second, my leg, knee, ankle and foot pains were virtually gone. Now after eight lessons, it’s as if I never had leg pains. I can walk 4 to 5 miles every day without pain, cramps or tightness. Pilates Aligned helped me gain lasting results. Plus the instructors are an absolute joy and delight to work with!
After each session, I walk tall out of the studio, with a smile on my face and a body that’s relaxed, pain-free and happy! Walking is fun again!”
-Steve Clemens
Denver, CO 2014

“When I moved to Denver from Ft Collins 3 years ago, each of my Pilates instructors gave me the same recommendation for a metro Pilates studio: Pilates Aligned. With the help of exemplary instructors and their attention to the individual needs of each student, I’ve learned to go deeper into controlling my movements than I ever thought possible. These instructors take their work very seriously and in turn, practitioners develop a keen sense of their own bodies.
Bravo, Pilates Aligned!”
-Deb Schell-Frank
Denver, CO 2014

“Pilates has saved my life. After experiencing two car accidents, Pilates Aligned was one of the only places that I could go to experience a “full body” approach to wellness rather than a piece part treatment. I am so thankful for all of the teachers and friends I’ve met there. You keep me balanced and remind me gently when I begin to jump off course due to the demands of day to day life. I would recommend Pilates Aligned to anyone looking to gain balance in their bodies, their minds, or their hearts.”
-Tiffany Willis, Pilates for life advocate
Denver, CO 2014

“I finally got myself to Pilates after years of procrastination and for the first time in over a decade my back issues have almost completely disappeared. Pilates Aligned and my wonderful instructors Jodi and Rayann have made a huge impact on my life and my health. They are very mindful of my issues and take great care in listening to and attending to my specific needs whether it be a private lesson or group. Their equipment is state of art and their new space is wonderful providing the perfect environment for all aspects of Pilates training. I couldn’t be happier that I found Pilates Aligned and wouldn’t think about going elsewhere!”
-Barbara Chapman
Denver, CO 2014

“I am a BASI certified and classically trained Pilates Instructor and have been practicing for 8 years. I have been coming to Pilates aligned for almost one year. After taking sessions for a few months I decided to enroll in the “Core Program” at Pilates Aligned. After only 2 months into the program, I have gained a much deeper perspective in the Pilates Method as both a instructor and a practitioner. Unlike other studios where a session is merely just going through the exercises, at Pilates Aligned, each session is a great learning experience and truly complete mind-body connection. Whether you are new to the Pilates Method or an instructor seeking to enhance your knowledge, the Pilates Aligned Staff offers phenomenal instruction! It is a friendly atmosphere and the staff is always responsive to one’s needs.”
-Magda Hashem
Aurora, CO 2010

Pilates Aligned is a truly wonderful studio! All the teachers are well-trained professionals and each class emphasizes the classical exercises. That said, each teacher brings a unique perspective and focus. I have been taking classes here regularly for more years than I can remember. Last year I had my first baby and Shannon’s pre-natal class helped keep me feeling great the whole 9 months! I highly recommend this studio to Pilates students of any age and experience level.
-Rachel Linger
Denver, CO 2009

I live in Manhattan Beach CA and I have traveled to Pilates Aligned to get my pilates “fix”. As a pilates instructor myself (10yrs) I can tell you Cara Reeser’s knowledge is unsurpassed! Her honesty, humility and experience can not be found in many teachers. Actually, I have never met anyone of her caliber and I have met many Pilates instructors! You are blessed if you live in the Denver area to have Pilates Aligned as a home, I only wish she would move to California!!
-Stacey Vargas, Owner of Pilates Institute of Southern CA
Manhattan Beach, CA 2008

During the two years that I have taken part in the Pilates Aligned teacher seminars, my understanding of Pilates has deepened, changing my teaching profoundly. The seminars are like taking Master’s level Pilates classes where Master Teacher Cara Reeser offers us a chance to problem solve, analyze and even challenge what we think we know about the Pilates method in a safe learning environment with other Pilates professionals. I highly recommend this experience to all teachers!
-Valerie McCarthey-Smith
Aurora, CO 2007