1313775642photobendDeeper Perspectives Workshops

The Deeper Perspectives Workshops were conceptualized in 2000 by Pilates educator Cara Reeser and Physical Therapist Patty Pennell with the goal of offering high-quality, comprehensive programs for the professional development of Pilates instructors and movement educators. Over the years, Deeper Perspectives has grown in popularity, not just because of the professional growth it promotes, but also because of the community building that has evolved open4web2and been fostered at Pilates Aligned. In 2008 the programs expanded to encompass the “Re-Aligned” Education (includes smaller workshops for clients and aspiring teachers) All the Deeper Perspectives workshops are an open sharing of ideas and perspectives that give practitioners tools for working more deeply with the Pilates vocabulary, technique, and philosophy. Click here to view this year’s workshops


Cara Reeser also provides advanced study weekends for Pilates instructors outside Colorado. Bringing a breadth of knowledge and experience, Cara shares the amazingly insightful work of Kathleen Stanford Grant and ways to apply the Pilates Method. Stimulate again your commitment to Pilates and add a layer to your wisdom as an instructor. Please refer to Cara’s website for more info: www.carareeserpilates.com