Fees and Packages

  • Mat Class $18
  • Package of 10 Mat Classes* $160
  • Package of 5 Mat Classes* $85
  • Yoga Class $18
  • Package of 10 Yoga Classes* $160
  • Package of 5 Yoga Classes* $85
  • Equipment (Reformer, Tower, or Chair) Class $27
  • Package of 10 Equipment Classes* $230
  • Package of 5 Equipment Classes* $125
  • Private Session $75
  • Package of 10 privates* $730
  • Package of 5 privates* $370
  • Duet (semi-private) Session $45 per person
  • Package of 10 Duets* $400 per person
  • Package of 5 Duets* $215 per person
  • Trio (semi-private) Session $40 per person
  • Package of 10 Trios* $350 per person
  • Package of 5 Trios* $190 per person
  • Mat / Private Pack (8 mats + 1 private) $200
  • Equipment / Pvt. Pack (8 equipment classes + 1 pvt.) $255
  • Combo Pack #1 (5 mats & 5 equipment classes)* $195
  • Combo pack #2 (5 mats & 10 equipment classes)* $310
  • Intro Pack (5 privates, 2 mats & 2 equipment classes)* $430

*Packages must be used within one year from the date of purchase. Sessions remaining on a package that have not been used within one year will expire.

Level Descriptions

Introductory – These classes are for those who are interested in learning the basic principles of the Pilates Method. The traditional repertoire of Pilates exercises will be introduced in a progressive manner while the instructor provides guidance on proper form and alignment. As students gain awareness and control of their bodies, they will also learn how to set up the equipment specific to their needs. A great class for Pilates first-timers, those who are looking for a strong foundation of movement skills, or an in-depth approach to learning the Reformer.

Beginner – Intended for the client who has done other forms of exercise and is mostly injury free, but has little to no experience with Pilates. You’ll  be introduced to the Pilates vocabulary, and the names and sequence of exercises you will begin to learn. At this level clients will experience a well-rounded, moderate paced workout with emphasis on increased coordination, breath capacity, precise control, concentration and building strength in both the core and extremities.

Beginner/Intermediate – Building upon the basics, this level uses your increasing experience, skills and strength to add more challenges and to slightly quicken the pace. Clients will be asked to perform the flowing Pilates movements with increased breath capacity, mental control, and greater control of the core. Transitions, which connect one exercise to the next, are also introduced.

Intermediate – These classes move at a quicker tempo and assume that clients understand the basic choreography of each exercise and are becoming more familiar with transitions at this level. Clients will be challenged with more complicated exercises, greater range of movement, and more dynamic, flowing movements. Although there is a nice pace to this class, there is still time devoted to further explain any exercises you have questions about.

Intermediate/Advanced – For clients experienced, skilled and strong in their Pilates, who are now honing more powerful pelvic and shoulder stability, oppositional energy, spinal articulation and overall uniform development. Pace is quite quick, as nearly all of the exercises in the vocabulary are being practiced.

Advanced – All of the most extreme movements and exercises that you have been building towards in your practice are now being performed and executed. A vigorous opportunity to explore the full sequence of Pilates exercises executed “at tempo”, and to the fullest extent of your body’s range of movement. Exhilarating!

Accelerated Flow – This faster paced Pilates class promises to be both fun and challenging it will offer practitioners a chance to move more freely, working towards flowing transition and a strong breath practice. Each class will be organized to facilitate an advanced apex movement encouraging the body to strengthen and open. This class is recommended for injury –free clients at an intermediate/advanced level who want to work hard, get a little sweaty, and play fully.

Class Descriptions

Mat Class – The essence of all Pilates work, Mat classes are a series of floor exercises designed to create uniform development, long muscles, core strength and breath control (no equipment is used). The exercises are done on a raised, thick mat. You do NOT need to bring your own mat.
Limited to 15 participants.
Class cost $18

Reformer Class – This class is done on perhaps the most renowned of all Pilates equipment, the Reformer. The Reformer is a sophisticated system of springs, straps, pulleys and a rolling platform. This equipment, like all of the Pilates equipment, works in two ways: It can act as additional muscles to aid the body on its path to health while you work towards efficient movement patterns, and it can also provide resistance to build strong muscles and bones. No experience is necessary for beginners; equipment adjustment and changes are explained and demonstrated throughout the class.
Limited to 5 participants.
Class cost $27

Tower Class – This class is done with the tower system or wall unit which includes the roll down bar, push through bar, leg springs and arm springs. Benefit from the support and resistance of spring tension to better develop resilient, powerful muscles, strong, smooth, decompressed joints, and deep core strength. No experience is necessary for beginners; equipment adjustment and changes are explained and demonstrated throughout the class.
Limited to 5 participants.
Class cost $27

Reformer/Tower Class – This class is one that combines the use of both The Reformer and tower/wall units. The teacher may decide from week to week to exclusively use one piece of equipment or the other, or you may spend approximately 30 minutes on each piece of equipment. No experience is necessary for beginners; equipment adjustment and changes are explained and demonstrated throughout the class.
Limited to 5 participants.
Class cost $27

Chair Class – This piece of equipment was originally designed by Joseph Pilates to be small enough to easily fit in your home. The Chair’s unique and versatile design enables everyone to enjoy a beneficial workout – from the most injured client, who uses it to rehabilitate – to the most advanced students challenging themselves with pushups, backbends, and headstands. Because many of the chair exercises are done sitting or standing up, it is ideal for practicing and improving balance. No experience is necessary for beginners; equipment adjustment and changes are explained and demonstrated throughout the class.
Limited to 5 participants.
Class cost $27

Equipment Combo Class – During this class you will enjoy exploring the Pilates method via all of the spring loaded equipment: the Reformers, Tower Systems and Low Chairs. This is a great way to get to know the various types of apparatus that Pilates Aligned has to offer and expand your Pilates practice. Open to all levels of experience, all who enjoy movement are welcome!
Limited to 5 participants.
Class cost $27

Pilates for 50’s Plus Class – We believe that your age should not define you: regardless of the number, you never have to stop moving! Our Pilates for 50’s Plus Class is specifically tailored for those 50 and over. This class is designed to help attendants experience all of the benefits the Pilates Method has to offer, while being attentive to the body’s changing needs. This class will focus on creating a full body experience that is challenging, yet safe. You can expect to improve your posture and balance, build strength and stamina, decompress your joints and spinal column as well as participate in some restorative stretching. We hold true to Joseph Pilates’ adage that “you are only as old as your spine is flexible”. Join us and help your body turn back the clock!
Limited to 5 participants.
Class cost $27

“Before the Hundred” Mat Class – This mat class is intended for any Pilates client (from novice to advanced) who is interested and curious about starting from the beginning to learn the foundational movement skills that make Pilates exercises (and all movement forms) accessible, safe and specific to your body. You will build a relationship with your body and learn to refine your understanding of movement, anatomy and movement-based images.
Clients will be introduced to the beginner Pilates Mat vocabulary via the skill-based (“Before the Hundred”) exercises of Kathy Grant. You will become familiar with the names and sequence of exercises and expect to experience a well-rounded, gentle to moderate paced workout with emphasis on basic coordination/motor learning, breath capacity, precise control, concentration and general strength building.
This class is appropriate for healthy clients as well as those who are post-rehab and cleared to move.
Limited to 15 participants.
Class cost $18

Align and Flow Yoga Class – Align and Flow Yoga Classes will focus on correct alignment, anatomy and bio-mechanics as you move through intelligently guided sequences. Expect to sharpen your body awareness as well as create a deeper connection to your body, mind and spirit.
Limited to 15 participants.
Class cost $18